Welcome to McCaldin Arts, a small company that brings together artists to collaborate on staged performances of vocal music. Run by its namesake, the mezzo-soprano Clare McCaldin, McCaldin Arts invites composers, stage directors and artists of other disciplines (including dancers, designers and video artists) to work together on original, versatile works of music theatre. There is more information on artists who have collaborated with McCaldin Arts here.

With almost twenty years of experience across the grand stages of the Royal Opera House and English National Opera, smaller houses and festivals and the studios of London’s theatrical fringe, Clare feels that imagination and ambition must work hand in hand with craftsmanship and talent to achieve all that an audience look for in new work. She has a particular interest – and pedigree – in bringing the stories of real characters from history onto the stage. McCaldin Arts uses music theatre to revisit the lives and work of colourful and sometimes marginalised characters from the past to breathe new life into how we might see their character and contribution today.

Among our recent successes are Vivienne (a new stage work by Stephen McNeff and Andy Rashleigh), Notes from the Asylum (a CD with the award-winning Champs Hill Records) and Haydn’s London Ladies. We hope you enjoy looking around our website and to see you at one of our forthcoming events.

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