Being a small production company has the advantage of being able to develop more than one project at a time. Clare McCaldin identifies interesting stories and ideas and then manages their development  in conjunction with colleagues who respond to the themes, content and characters that these present.

Projects in Development

Mary’s Hand A monodrama on the life of Queen Mary I

Poly-Olbion – the Lay of the Land Michael Drayton’s seventeenth-century text, reworked for female voice and interweaved with a contemporary spoken word piece for performance poet

Previous Projects

Over My Shoulder Clare McCaldin and Paul Turner (piano) narrate the stories of Elisabeth Schumann and Jessie Matthews and sing their most popular music

Notes from the Asylum Clare McCaldin and Libby Burgess (piano) perform song repertoire presenting female experiences of madness and emotional disorder, including Vivienne (below). Available on CD via Champs Hill Records

Vivienne A monodrama on the life of TS Eliot’s first wife, Vivienne Haigh-Wood

Haydn’s London Ladies Clare McCaldin and Paul Turner (piano) narrate the story of Haydn’s visits to London and the women he encountered there in the 1790s

Madrigali dell’Estate Clare McCaldin sings poems by Gabrieli d’Annunzio set to music by the composer Stephen McNeff. Available on CD via Champs Hill Records

A Voice Of One Delight A monodrama in which Jane Williams reflects on the maritime death & cremation of Percy Bysshe Shelley