Start building your online presence – a professional workshop


Why do you need this?

An online presence is now essential for every singer who is serious about developing his or her career. We need to tell employers about our abilities and audiences about our achievements through our own online shop window. We need to be part of the discussions about our industry that are conducted online. And we need to be able to research work opportunities and access resources through the convenience of the internet.

However, though we are happy to research, acquire and discuss music online, many of us are uncomfortable with marketing ourselves. Consequently we overlook the fact that information about us is already out there in the digital domain.

If we have decided to work as performing musicians at any level, it is likely that information about us has been published somewhere online. We need to take the initiative in controlling the use of pictures, recordings and news about our work. We are best placed to be in charge of our own communications and we need to get used to doing it.

What we’ll do to help

In this half-day workshop we’ll examine why it is so important to be in control of your presentation in the digital world and discuss some straightforward, practical ways for you to do this.

  • We’ll talk about what employers and audiences might well expect from you and how that coincides with how you would like to be seen and heard.
  • We will work through the process of building a simple personal website for each attendee using a free online programme. By the end of the session you will have a functioning basic website which you will feel confident to manage yourself.
  • We’ll look at social media, what role it can play and the main platforms available, so you can decide whether you need to be involved and if so, what best suits you.
  • There will be handouts and access to other online resources to help you implement what you have learned beyond the seminar itself.
mccaldinarts_sem05What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a laptop with you that can connect to WiFi to access the internet on which to work as you build your website. You will also need to have available a short text biography and a photograph of yourself in digital form on your laptop or on a memory stick. Any other media – like an MP3 soundclip or even a short video if you have one – is also welcome.

The seminar is led by Clare McCaldin. Clare is a professional mezzo-soprano, producer and coach, with a background in marketing and arts administration. With her company, McCaldin Arts, she has made and promoted several shows and recordings of her own. Her hands-on experience creatively promoting her own career and activities through digital media forms the basis of this practical and straight-talking workshop.

Clare is assisted at the workshop by Cheyney Kent, Marketing Manager for McCaldin Arts.

If you would like more information or have any questions please email Clare at