Vivienne Crowdfunded!

Clare McCaldin backstage at the Royal Opera's La Rondine, practising her flapper characterisationIt’s with a huge sense of relief that we achieved our goal at the Vivienne Kickstarter appeal yesterday with three days left to go. The basic production budget of the show has been met. Thank you to everyone who pledged money. This will soon be debited from you, and then, in due course, we will send the ‘reward’ if you have chosen to take one in line with your contribution. Your support has been, in real and symbolic terms, a shot in the arm.

Thank you also to those of you who have used social media to pass on the Kickstarter appeal, or simply shared it with friends via email or word of mouth. Seeing re-Tweets, Facebook-shares and getting little notes of encouragement has made an often awkward process much easier.

It is still possible to contribute to the fund. The total we set, twice revised, covers the very minimum necessary costs to give the piece the production it needs to make its greatest impression. Since then, another two dates have been added which can only increase the cost of the production, so we need all we can get. If you can’t get to see the show then you will be able to see a video of the production from the first performances.

Now we start the real work, as we begin to bring together the ideas and skills of the company to make Vivienne the unusual and entertaining show that it has always promised to be. See you in August!