Vivienne – Production Week

Clare McCaldin rehearses VivienneWe are in the eye of the storm of rehearsing Vivienne, turning her turbulent life and world-view into the half hour stage show that debuts in a week. As usual, working in the rehearsal space with our director Joe Austin has opened up a torrent of ideas and we must now work through them and refine the production to create something focused, purposeful, honest and communicative. The music is a real dressing-up box of styles and moods, by turns fiery, fervent and fun.


Both summer festivals at which we are presenting Vivienne have now started; it is possible (and cheap!) to come to other productions at both the Tete-a-Tete Opera Festival and the Camden Fringe immediately prior to VivienneHere’s the booking information. There’s plenty to see and discuss at these arts festivals – it would be lovely to see you.