Society of Antiquaries with Mary’s Hand, 15 Feb 2019

Last night we were part of a very special event. We had been invited to return to the Society of Antiquaries of London to give a abbreviated performance of Mary’s Hand next to the portrait of Queen Mary I on which Andie Scott and Sophie Meyer (pictured, below) had based their performative costume for the show. The historian Dr John Cooper, a fellow of the Society, gave a talk on the history behind the eponymous Queen and, after the performance, Clare stayed in the costume to chat with the audience and pose for pictures.

It was terrific that the original instrumental ensemble from the summer shows in London (‘Mary’s Band’) were all available to play and that Martin Bussey had time in a particularly busy week to come and hear his music played live for the first time since then. Di Sherlock directed the condensed version of her drama for the space – as she has done each time, as demanded by a site-specific show – which was a surprisingly responsive room for musicians, allowing the words of the story their full bloom.

This event was something of a first for the Society who are trying new things to open up their institution and encourage interest in their collection. To that end, the museum collections manager, Kate Bagnall had curated a small but directly pertinent exhibition in the hall, including royal seals depicting Queen Mary & King Philip II of Spain, a book of Fees & Offices recording Mary’s accession, a copy of a Holbein etching of ‘Lady Mary’ (before she was crowned) and a pair of proclamations for Lady Jane Grey and then Mary, who succeeded her, famously after only nine days. This exhibition remains open over the next week for those who would like to take a look – perhaps if you’re on your way to see the performance at St. Paul’s Wilton Place? (visit for their opening times). There was also the chance to buy a Marian tea towel! Our thanks to Danielle Wilson Higgins and her predecessor Lucy Ellis for bringing this project to fruition.

The Spring tour of Mary’s Hand now begins in earnest with a complete performance at St. Paul’s, Wilton Place on Tuesday before the show goes North for the rest of the week. As ever, all the details, including booking links, are available via